Denim Baby Doll Dress: Thrifted.
Blanket Scarf: a store in Florence.
Black Lace Up Boots: H&M.
Mustard Yellow Beret: Target.

I cannot believe I'm even saying this right now...but Someone Like You hit 2 million page views today! If you would have told 16 year old Lauren back in 2009 that her little blog she started out with a broken camera, taking photos inside her house would someday be viewed by that many people...she would be flabbergasted! When I started this blog I had no idea the paths in life it would lead me to, the opportunities it would present, or the people who would touch my life because of it. I just wanted to let out my frustrations of having a crappy high school experience; I never thought (cue the cliche) that it would change my life.

But really. It did. 

I decided to study fashion because of this blog. When I think of the course my life has taken because of this tiny space of internet it is quite incredible. Would I be finishing up a degree in Spanish right now like I had originally planned instead of a bachelor of science in fashion merchandising? Maybe. I know my life would be different in a lot of ways if I had never started Someone Like You. Blogging has given me confidence in myself to wear what I want and accept my individuality instead of shying away from it like as I was accustomed to. It's also just allowed me to have a creative outlet that has been much needed through many points in my life. Blogging has been the one consistency in the past six years that I can say I've truly relied on. I'm going to pieces half the time over something my sensitive heart and over thinking mind cannot take...

But when I put together that outfit. 
And take out that camera. 
And go off to some location to take photos. 
Then write out the things I'm feeling.
...it all subsides. Channeling my frustrations into a creative outlet has been exactly what I needed. The dizzying uncertainty of my life and all that happens has never failed to be settled by coming onto my blogger account and hitting "create a new post."

It's been an absolute honor for me to be able to share my life with you all to read and view. Thank you. Seriously. Thank you for reading and commenting and following and emailing and just supporting me.You're the reason everything here is possible. x

With much love, Lauren.

Half Past Five.

Body Con Dress: Zara.
Sandals: c/o Boohoo.
Hat: c/o OASAP.
Necklace: Kate Spade.

Hi everyone! 

These photos are from a few weeks back when I went and saw Ed Sheeran live in concert at Blossom Music Center. It was my second time seeing him and honestly, he's just as good as I remember. Of all the music I listen to, Ed is my favorite artist, so it's always quite special to see him live. His raw talent is always so evident when you hear him apart from the radio or album. He doesn't need back up singers, choreography, or a big band behind him. He just stands upon the stage with his guitar and sings. And it's just so, so lovely.

Bought this dress at Zara while I was still living in NYC. It's such an uncharacteristic dress for me and a style territory I've never ventured into; body con. I remember trying the dress on and off, off and on a million times in the dressing room trying to decide if I liked it or not. I do like it I think. It's empowering to wear a dress like this because it puts your body on full display and forces you to not have any insecurities. Despite the fact that I want to put a jacket over my shoulders, tie a shirt around my waist...I fight the urge because this dress makes me love myself as I am in all of my  lump, bump, and rolls glory. I'm proud of my body but humble. I know it's not perfect by any standards but that doesn't mean I can't love it anyways. x

With much love, Lauren.

She Only Drinks Coffee at Midnight.

1970's Handmade Dress, Boots, Feather Earrings: Thrifted.
Hat: c/o OASAP.
Lipstick in MAC's Please Me.

Hello there!

Wow, thank you all so much for the kind words on my blog layout-- it truly means a lot! I was hoping to have more time this past weekend to continue working on it; things like the right side buttons for my summer in NYC and my semester in Florence still need working links, as well as, the pages above for my outfits and writing. I want this new blog layout to be more easily accessible for you all because I have a lot of content (talk about over 1600 posts in the past 6 years; yikes!). So, I wanted to take the things that draw most people to my blog and make them easier to find and look through. My writing, my outfits, when I lived in NYC, and when I lived in Florence. If you all have any other suggestions for things you'd like to be able to find easier on this blog, let me know! There's now a search bar on the right hand side where you can enter in key words to find related posts you want to read, but for now I'll keep you guys updated on the progress of the layout when it's 100% finished with no kinks! 

On a style related note, I thrifted this hand made 1970's dress back at a church rummage sale a few weeks back. I went back and forth with myself on whether or not to buy it...it's pretty ugly, but yet there's something charming about it at the same time. So, for a $1 I figured it was worth it! I joked around that I looked like a pilgrim/puritan today, ha. Not probably my best outfit choice I've ever had, but this dress is mad comfy + it has pockets + it cost less than a price of a salted carmel mocha at starbucks.

win. win. win.

With much love, Lauren. 

P.S. Been listening to this, this, and this lately. x

I'm Not Who I Was.

Blouse, Skirt, Boots: Thrifted.
Faux Leather Jacker: H&M.

I think when I really started to evolve was when I studied abroad in Florence fall of last year. A lot of people say college changes you, but my first two years of college I stayed pretty much the same. I think college changes a lot of people because it forces them to grow up. It's their first time being away from home, not having the same group of friends, and just being faced with adult like responsibilities such as having to fully take care of yourself. For me, I've always been too mature for the age I'm at. Maybe I'm just being over confident in myself, but it's always seemed like I just haven't been in the same place in my life as everyone else around me my age. So when I came to college, everyone else was experiencing the things I'd already been feeling my final years of high school. Inner self discovery, being on your own without others, facing harsh realities (depression, OCD)....so while everyone else was coming into their new selves those first few years of college, I stayed stagnant. And it really bothered me I think. Sometimes I'll go back and read old journals and I seem to reiterate in them how stuck I felt. I went through this really dry period of self discovery those years and kind of just stayed the Lauren I'd been.

I knew that my problem rested in the fact in that I don't like to take chances. I'm a creature of habit and nothing scares me more than changing my routine. It throws off the balance of my life. The safe, calculated, predictable life that I came to love. It was me who was stopping myself, and I let that happen. Studying abroad in Florence was the first big "risk" I'd ever taken in my life. All the steps before that had been strictly inside my comfort zone. And when you're running in circles inside contentment; you're not going to get to self-improvement. 

Studying in Florence was hard on me. You all know that. I struggled through those four months emotionally, physically, mentally. It took a lot out of me and it wasn't the experience I had hoped/thought it would be. But for me, I'd never take it back because it started the domino effect of me being able to realize that this is my life to live and I shouldn't be so afraid all the time. I should take more chances and I should do more things I want to do. A lot of people realize this in college and they equate "doing what they want to do and taking chances" to doing a lot of drugs, having drunken nights, and other sorts of debauchery. And maybe that's the way a lot of people do find themselves in college. And that's perfectly acceptable.  But for me, "doing what I want to do" was just on a set of different terms for me (and it's not the same for everyone). It was about standing up for myself in a crappy relationship, moving to New York City, changing my style from a little girl to a mature adult, cutting my hair, going out on dates, getting a job where I have to talk to a lot of people when frankly I'm not that good at talking. 

For the epitome of an individual who doesn't like to take chances I'm telling you; take chances. They will help you grow and mature and be a better version of yourself. And do them on your own terms. One person's chances may not be your type of chances. And that's okay because we are a billion different humans with a billions different dreams.

 I've learned to not be afraid of the failing. Something that used to plague me from taking those chances.

I would be scared of being alone if we broke up.
I would be scared of hating new york city and needing to move home.
I would be scared of my hair cut making me look too much like a boy.
I would be scared that no one would think I was me anymore if I changed my style.

None of those things came true. And even if they had come true...it would have been okay. 

Anyways. This is a long post, and I didn't mean for it to be this long. But knowing me, I can never, ever be concise and just get to the point. All of this is a really roundabout way of saying that my blog layout is going to change this weekend and I'm really excited about that. I feel like I've changed (as noted by my long winded explanation above), so my blog should change along with me. It is me. I am someone like you. I've changed, so excited to welcome you all to the new me this weekend ♥ 

With much love, Lauren

A Trip to Nostalgia.

Apple Shirt: Thrifted.
Skirt: c/o OASAP.

Hi there

I went home this past weekend to take my little sister to the apple orchards in my town! I can't believe she had never been because going to the orchards have been one of my absolute favorite fall past times since I was a little girl. There's something just so nostalgic about it. I love how home-y picking apples on this family owned farm in the middle of Ohio feels. Small families with little ones towing tiny tots in red wooden wagons and a register that only takes cash. Acres of apple trees sprouting red, yellow, and green delicacies that are so satisfying to pluck off the highest branch. The mouth watering inducing smell of apple donuts upon entering the humble wooden barn selling an array of popcorns, ciders, and seasonal squashes...all of it makes brilliant, bright images before my eyes looking just as it did more than 15 years ago in faded and overexposed film photos sitting in a box at my parent's house. 

My sister had a blast, climbing the trees like a small money to satisfy her wish to find "the biggest and ripest and best apples." We giggled and gorged ourselves on one too many of those delicious apple donuts; enough to make us feel nauseous for the rest of the day (but worth it). 

I love these photos and I love the memory of this day and I love my little sister. All very much.

With much love, Lauren.
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